Institute of Physics
University of Latvia

IPUL-MHD Fifth Framework Project

Workpackage No 10

Work package number and title:

10. Magnetic control of turbulence in crystal growth technologies

Type of activity: PhD training (V4)

Relative start month: 0
Timetable: 36 months


  1. Rotating turbulent MHD flow is a pertinent feature of large crystal growth technologies. Turbulence has a direct impact on the quality of the product. Presently such flows cannot be described accurately enough by theoretical means. Development of underlying technologies and the advanced turbulence models needs experimental data. Aim of this package is to study experimentally the turbulence and its control by means of magnetic field in rotating systems on low temperature liquid metal models. Role of mean and differential rotation as well as various superimposed magnetic fields in turbulence properties should be investigated. The practical aim of this study is to identify parameter ranges providing technologically most favourable conditions as well as the characteristic limiting cases for testing turbulence models.


[Institute of Physics of University of Latvia, 2003]