Institute of Physics
University of Latvia

IPUL-MHD Fifth Framework Project

Workpackage No 11

Work package number and title:

11. Optically induced two dimensional grating of nanoparticles in ferrocolloids under the effect of a magnetic field

Type of activity: 
PhD training (V4)
Relative start month: 0
Timetable: 36 months


  1. Magnetic fluids in various applications (displays, visualisation devices, and sensors) are subject to an influence of an optical radiation. Strong micro-scaled temperature gradients due to the absorption of radiation induce a particle grating and can destroy the colloid. The known experiments have been performed employing one-dimensional grating in interference patterns of coherent laser beams. The aim of the proposed work is to investigate the dynamics of two-dimensional grating in thin layers of ferrocolloids when temperature gradients are formed by optical mirage of a rectangular grid. Such a technique allows performing experiments by employing the non-coherent radiation as well as to investigate the anisotropic transfer phenomena in the presence of a magnetic field. The problem and the expected results are related to the development of new smart materials for sensors as well for new thermal engineering devices.

[Institute of Physics of University of Latvia, 2003]