Institute of Physics
University of Latvia

IPUL-MHD Fifth Framework Project

Workpackage No 12

Work package number and title:

12. Hydrodynamics of miscible magnetic fluids

Type of activity: 
PhD training (V4)
Relative start month: 0
Timetable: 36 months


  1. Study of the hydrodynamics of miscible magnetic fluids with account for ponderomotive magnetic forces arising in the external field due to the concentration nonhomogenity. These phenomena can be important in all the cases where the mass transfer of the magnetic particles takes place under the action of the external field is involved. The principal objective is to clarify the role played by the microconvective motions arising at diffusion front of the particles in the magneticfield-enhanced mass transfer. These phenomena are important for development of field of nanofluidics where different situations with nonhomogeneous particle concentration distribution under the action of the external field can arise

[Institute of Physics of University of Latvia, 2003]