Institute of Physics
University of Latvia

IPUL-MHD Fifth Framework Project

Workpackage No 14

Work package number and title:

14. Workshop on “Numerical modelling of the crystal growth”

Type of activity: Thematic workshops (WS)

Relative start month: 11
Timetable: 1 month


  1. Institute of Physics has established a fruitful collaboration with many scientific groups in Europe and industrial partners on the field on modelling in crystal growth, e.g. Institute for Crystal Growth, Berlin (Germany); Forshungszentrum Rossendorf (Germany); Institute for Electrothermal Processes (ETP) at University of Hanover (Germany); Wacker Siltronic AG, Burghausen (Germany); Coventry University, School of Mathematical and Information Sciences, Coventry (UK); etc. On the other hand the Institute of Physics and especially its laboratory of MHD technology and the MHD research and training laboratory have a well known position in world on the mentioned field and have together a high level of experimental, software and computing capacities. Therefore it will be worth to organise the annual workshop on modelling in crystal growth at Institute of Physics in Riga, to exchange an operative information between academic institutions and between academic institutions and industry on the field of modelling in crystal growth.

[Institute of Physics of University of Latvia, 2003]