Institute of Physics
University of Latvia

IPUL-MHD Fifth Framework Project

Workpackage No 8

Work package number and title:

8. Magnetic field induced phase transformations

Type of activity: Postdoctoral training (V3)

Relative start month: 11
Timetable: 18 months


  1. At present moment the considerable interest is connected with the ordering of different nanoobjects for creating new materials for applications in telecommunication, biotechnology and other. For that different physical mechanisms are used including the entropic ones causing depletion interactions. Rather big opportunities can be connected with the ordering of nanoobjects by the application of the external fields. The objective of the present work is the study of the characteristics of the structures arising at the magnetic field induced phase transformations, which at present moment have already caused interest as the systems for carrying out DNA separation by the electrophoresis, the 2D periodical systems with the tunable in the external field lattice parameters.

[Institute of Physics of University of Latvia, 2003]